Our History

Marigurim Mubi Yangu is Butchulla for Strong Women Talking

Butchulla and Garrawa woman Sono Leone is the founder of Strong Women Talking and develops and leads all programs.   This is her story.


I wanted to create a program for our First Nations’ women, our sisters, where they are comfortable and safe to start healing, to understand, to build their knowledge and make changes.

Strong Women Talking is giving women information and tools.  It’s bringing them back into their God given dreams and destiny for their lives. 

It’s reminding the women there is a black sisterhood that care.  To be around people who are encouraging. 

Our Aunties– make up a huge part of what we do. They’re just a phone call away.

They have the lived experience so they are all knowledgeable – they have warmth and love and dedication.

Simplistic in their markings.  Powerful in their symbolism.  Three white lines across their wrist and face is the cleansing for women to start their program. 

To be grounded in culture, to use that strength of culture to feel and be safe, to commit to change.  To heal.  To break the cycle of violence and abuse.  To create positive, bright futures for their babies.