We support our women, children and families, by:


Women about the different forms of abuse and the cycle of violence. We believe education is the key to preventing cycles of violence for future generations.


Women with new coping mechanisms and tools to be able to heal from trauma.


Women to come into a deep revelation of self worth and self love. Having a strong sense of belonging and identity to be able to fulfill their dreams and destinies.

Healing Journey

Workshops run for 6 weeks. Workshops are designed to be delivered in a culturally safe setting to empower women to be able to speak openly with experienced Facilitators and Elders. Workshops are trauma informed and also incorporate an Aboriginal cultural framework.

One Day Workshop

Small Workshops held every 2 months for women who have completed the Healing Journey to stay connected and encouraged. Enjoy a deadly cultural experience with our experienced Facilitators and Aunties.

Big Sister Little Sister

Is an educational program that builds up our young tidda’s to know their worth as strong young blak independent woman and a valued member of their community.

Counselling Support

We partner with qualified First Nations specialists to offer a culturally safe outlet in the form of Cultural Supervision, Counselling and Narrative Therapy.

Open Thinking

Are fee for service workshops that are targeted to mainstream government and non-government agencies. They aim to give a greater understanding of the ongoing impacts of colonisation and the racist systems and structures that need to be broken in order for real change to occur for our First Nations people.


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